OA National Vice Chief Michael Kipp is set to attend C-6B Conclave!


Section C-6B is pleased to announce that Michael Kipp, the 2018 National Vice Chief, is set to attend our Conclave in May! On May 18-20, 2018, Micheal is planning on joining hundreds of Arrowmen at Pioneer Scout Reservation in North-West Ohio for our annual Section Conclave.

Michael is a Vigil Honor member of Sakima Lodge, LaSalle Council, BSA. A student at Purdue University, Michael has served the Order and Scouting at all levels and in a variety of roles. Within his lodge and council, he’s served as a ceremonies team member, chapter chief, lodge chief, and Camp Tamarack staff member. He also enjoys working with Arrowmen throughout the Central Region as a National Leadership Seminar staff member. At a national level, he’s excited to help lead the OA’s National Communications Team and serve as an assistant Jamboree vice chief for Operation Arrow, along with serving as the 2018 National Vice Chief. Michael’s OA travels have taken him from the top of Philmont’s Tooth of Time to snorkelling in the Florida Keys, and he can’t wait to see where they’ll take him next.

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Conclave Theme Announced

The 2017-2018 Council of Chiefs is proud to announce the theme of the 2018 Section Conclave: The Great Northern Frontier!

Join us at Pioneer Scout Reservation on May 18-20, 2018 for a gathering of Arrowmen like no other! Attendees will experience top-notch trainings and an afternoon packed with games, shows, and competitions. Bring all your OA spirit to join the competition for the Spirit Stick, the coveted prize awarded to the lodge showing the most spirit both before and during the Conclave. To top off the weekend, attendees will be able to elect the slate of section officers to plan and carry out the next Conclave!

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