Centurion Award Recipients


Congratulations to all the Arrowmen from C-6B that have been selected to receive the Centurion Award! The Centurion Award was created to allow lodges to give recognition to those “hometown heros” that helped mold each lodge into what they are today. Section C-6B would like to congratulate the following Arrowmen!


William Christopher Schildknecht

Robert Griffin Jr.

George “Hawkeye” Harvey

Gene Geckler

Charles Russelburg

Carolyn Bartlett

Travis McCormick

Terry Aufermann

Alfred “Rocky” Sides III

Cort O’Neil

Rich Moore

Mawat Woakus

Wayne Dukes  

Harold Fee

Roger Frese

John Schumm

Gary Wetherill

Scott Beckwith

Bob Wade

Larry Braun


Adam Lucas

Terry McCasland

Brendan Greaney

Phillip Clark

Randy Cline

Eric Watchen

Joe Koos

Christopher Grove


Drew Gainey

Theo Gainey

Carl Conover

Bartley Davis

Nathan Cooney

Joshua Londergan

Howard Clippinger

Benjamin Free


Christopher Reynolds

David Bitter


Congratulations again to all those who have been selected!

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