Tarhe Lodge

In 1938, Robert Coppess, a member of Katinonkwat Lodge, saw the need for a lodge in Tecumseh Council. Mr. Coppess formed a group he called the White Bears, who did service at Camp Birch. During the war years, the white bears opened and closed summer camp. They completed service projects that helped carve a camp out of the wilderness. Late in 1944, a series of meetings were held with the idea of forming a lodge with a three-fold purpose: to spread out the load of supporting the camp over a larger group, to form a self-perpetuating service organization, and to achieve national recognition of the work performed.

William C. Parker, the Scout Executive and Robert Coppess held the first induction of candidates in the spring of 1945. The first Ordeal was lead by Coppess, Parker and Howard Clippinger. Young adults financed, supported and administered the lodge until there was an adequate number of trained young men to take over the reigns of leadership. A new procedure of operation was written in 1953 that required lodge officers to be under the age of 21 when elected. The adults stepped into the background as advisers and continued to advise and train the young men.

The strong tradition of camp service has remained to today. In addition to the hours spent on the muddy back roads of Camp Birch, the lodge has been extremely active in camp promotion. In recent times, the lodge has promoted camp in places as far as Michigan.

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